Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. Any Black Friday war stories to share? Or proud purchases to share?

My proud purchase was Seasons 1–4 of Mad Men for a total of $32. Thank you, Target.

My not-so-proud purchases: welllll, it’s not that I’m not proud of them. They were all good deals. I just went a bit overboard. Target and Best Buy were selling DVDs dirt cheap. So I bought five. (In addition to Mad Men.)

I am most excited about Bridesmaids. I couldn’t persuade my brother and dad to watch it…even after reciting the quote from the male reviewer emblazoned at the top of the DVD package, “If this is only a chick flick, then call me a chick.” —Joe Morgenstern, WSJ

The three of us watched The Town instead. I haven’t screamed that much during a movie in awhile. I have a hard time with action flicks.