Lights Out


This morning, I blew a fuse as I was blowdrying my hair. Woops. There went the lights and my hairdryer. I couldn’t remember which fuse box was mine, so I had to call the property manager upstairs. We fiddled around a bit until we found the correct fuse. I ran out the door with half-wet hair in order to get to an appointment on time.

After the appointment, I headed to work. Walked into my office and turned on my lamp. Humph. It didn’t turn on. I figured the lightbulb blew out. I walked over to my other two lamps. Uhh, they didn’t turn on either. Nor did my computer.


No one else’s power was out. Just mine. It took an electrician three hours to figure out the problem. I’m not sure what this all means, but it can’t be good.

In other news, I just roasted some chickpeas and am trying to decide if I like them. I’m not sure if they are at their optimum consistency, as they started popping like popcorn in the oven before their allotted cooking time was up. I took them out of the oven in a panic, picturing my apartment building engulfed in flames.

In still more news, I saw We Bought a Zoo last night. It’s a sweet movie. I love the fact that it is based on a true story. I went to the library tonight and borrowed the memoir it’s based on. If I had the money and the opportunity, I could totally see myself buying a zoo to save a bunch of animals….and learn from them in the process. I hope the movie has brought some publicity and new support to the real-life zoo.

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