If I kept a gratitude journal, today’s entry would be really good.

First, I heard the news that Danny Wegman was in town to scope out more locations in Boston (see this morning’s post).

Second, I had to buy a new phone, so bought one with a QWERTY keyboard. Oh, the time I will save when texting! I was off the grid for a few days (my phone had died on Sunday) and it was really nice. I started to miss texting, though. And if Olive had bitten my arm off, I couldn’t have called 911.

Third, I bought what I am calling “my Kermit blazer” at the Gap. I have been ogling it for weeks, and there was only one left in the store. On sale. In my size.

And most importantly, Olive did not poop in my bed again. Yes, I got into bed last night, tired from a long day. And I smelled poop. And I looked around and there it was. UNDER the covers. Traumatizing.

In conclusion, I am grateful for all of the above. Now I need to figure out how to text on my new phone.

2 thoughts on “Gratitude”

  1. That blazer is so YOU, so cute, and screams spring! Kermie would be proud.
    I’m very sorry about the undercover poop incident! I wonder what she’s trying to tell you.

    1. Thanks, Meliss. No more poop incidents, so it may have been an accident…I am trying to give her a lot of attention. That’s a challenge when she tries to sink her teeth into my arm after a few minutes of petting…!

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