Peddocks Island


I volunteered on one of the Boston Harbor Islands today. I was excited to be going to Peddocks because I hadn’t been to that island before. Peddocks is interesting because there is a fort and a lot of historical buildings dating to the early 20th century. Some people also live on the island; they are called “cottagers.” They are descendants of a Portuguese fishing community (maybe settled in the early 20th century? I don’t remember.) On top of living on an island, the cottagers don’t have running water or electricity.

Almost all of the buildings are boarded up because they need to be renovated. There are yurts being built for the public to use for camping, and there also campsites being built or renovated. It is one of the biggest islands, so it will be a wonderful destination for campers in the future.

This is a chapel right by the dock. It’s not open to the public at the moment, but they hope to be able to have weddings there someday. What a great venue for a wedding!

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