Lil Bro’s Visit


This is my brother.











He came to visit for the weekend and we had a blast. We toured the Harpoon Brewery; made our way through the crowds at Faneuil Hall; met up with Daisy, who happened to be in town; and saw the Blue Man Group. I don’t have visitors very often, but when I do, I enjoy it. I see the city that I’ve called home for 13 years in a different light. Even just riding the T with a non-city person is a hoot. When taking someone around the city, I am reminded why I live here, i.e., I am reminded why I continue to live in a expensive place that I really can’t afford. I need to be in the sometimes beautiful, sometimes frustrating, sometimes ugly, sometimes comforting city.

Back to my brother. He is always up for adventure, which is why he makes a great tourist and travel partner. He also makes mundane activities, such as grocery shopping, fun. I look forward to many more years of traveling and exploring with him. England 2013!





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