The Way Life Should Be

I went to Bar Harbor, Maine, for the second time a few weeks ago. It made such an impression on me seven years ago that when I returned, I felt as if no time had passed.

I went to my favorite shops, which were all still there. I went to the movie theater that serves pizza and beer. I drove along the Park Loop Road in Acadia National Park and it was just as magical. Acadia is the type of place that is just as breathtaking enveloped in fog as it is on a sunny, cloudless day.

I think this is Otter Cliff in Acadia.








An island in Frenchman Bay
An island in Frenchman Bay










Bar Harbor is an eight-hour drive from where I live, so it’s not around the corner. But, as the shop owner said to me after I mentioned that I hadn’t been back in seven years, “You need to visit more often.”

I do, and I will.

Jordan Pond in Acadia
Jordan Pond in Acadia

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