Finding a Long-Lost Relative* by Way of a Hamster


I worked in a Wegmans bakery department throughout high school and college. One day, a coworker proclaimed that I laughed like a hamster. And a nickname was born.

I don’t remember the details, but my coworkers gifted me with an actual hamster after I had given notice. I couldn’t care for the hamster for very long…I’m assuming because of my impending move to London. A friend of mine took him/her in. Tragically, the little critter escaped from his/her cage and ended up crawling into the oven through a hole in the wall. End of hamster.

Present Day

The other day, a friend pointed me to a YouTube video of Phat Daddy Mac Dancing Hamster. As the clip ended, I noticed a link to a video called “The Story of My Hamster” on the page. “I had a hamster once,” I thought, as I clicked on the video.

OK. Right away I learn that the storyteller is (1) English and (2) we share a last name. So we’re obviously related. And (3) he is HYSTERICAL.

Dan Howell. I immediately subscribed to his YouTube channel and have been watching his videos off and on since I discovered him. He has a pal named Phil who is a riot as well. They are releasing a book this year and going on tour. Come to Boston, lads!


* not a fact

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