Putting Pen to Paper

This happened a couple of weeks ago.










I finally broke down and bought a smartphone. I hemmed and hawed because I was perfectly happy without one. My family wooed me to join their family plan, which meant I had to switch carriers. And it was a good time for a new phone, because my dumbphone’s battery was fading.

Ultimately, I couldn’t guarantee that I wouldn’t want a smartphone within the next two years (as I would be signing a two-year contract).

Enter iPhone.

I was so overwhelmed by it the first week that I barely used it. I grumbled every time it dinged. It dings. so. much. I found typing almost impossible. A few times, I had to switch to email mid-text conversation because I couldn’t bear to (mis)type another word.

At the end of week 2, I finally got around to adding a couple of apps. Typing is a little easier. I still jump every time it dings, but I don’t grumble.

I asked myself why I was being such a grump, and I answered that it’s because of my analog heart. Being on a computer for 8–10 hours a day is enough for me. I don’t want to add any other digital items to my daily life.

The thought of making lists on the phone and reading on the phone and listening to music on the phone holds absolutely no appeal. I like paper. I like putting pen to paper. I like books and CDs.

So there it is. Over time, the smartphone may wend its way into my heart. For now, I’m keeping it at a safe distance and treading lightly.

Do you love your smartphone? What do you love about it?

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