Six Months

I have six months left of being a 30-something. OMFG!! I have six months to figure out how to enter a new decade gracefully = not kicking, screaming, sobbing, and cursing. Alcohol will help, right? I have 14 more bars to go on the alphabet list. I went to Rosebud the other night. I'd been... Continue Reading →

Operation A–Z

A few days ago, I embarked on Operation A–Z, which is a fancy way of saying that I need to drink a lot before turning 40 so will be going to 26 bars over the next nine-and-a-half months. Mom, I was kidding about the "drinking a lot" part, I promise. Some friends mentioned this idea... Continue Reading →

Thinking About Generations

  Recently, I found myself explaining the term "Milliennials" to my mom. Millennials seem quite alien to me since I have not embraced the technology that has been at their fingertips pretty much since they were born. I imagine that the way I feel about Milliennials is similar to how people born in the 1920s... Continue Reading →

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