Girls’ Night Out: South End Edition

Last week, I checked off the seventh and eighth letters of my Alphabet Bar List, M and W. It was an especially fun night because I had five lovely ladies join me. I can’t remember the last time I went out with more than a couple of friends at the same time.

It made me feel nostalgic for my youth, because I recalled that going out with a sizable group of friends was the norm when I was in my 20s and early 30s. As the decade of my 30s has marched on, the majority of my friends have silently done an about-face, marching in the opposite direction to the ‘burbs and parent-land. And it’s even difficult to find a date that works for all of my single, kid-free friends. So suffice it to say that the stars aligned last week, and I sure hope they do again! We started out the night at Merrill and Co. I tried Jack’s Abby Copper Legend, a nice Oktoberfest beer.









The food was good (lots of comfort food such as mac and cheese and waffle fries), and the waitstaff was abundant and friendly.

The crew outside of Merrill and Co.
The crew outside of Merrill and Co.









When we finished eating, we walked next door to Wink & Nod. This is another yet another “speakeasy” place. I’m loving the speakeasies.

The entrance to Wink & Nod









I think the night turned out the way it did because the atmosphere was dark and cozy, and we were sitting on the most amazingly comfortable couches and chairs. The drinks just kept flowing. I blame the very low lighting and terribly engaging conversation on my inability to notice that I was brought the wrong beer! I had ordered a Notch Left of the Dial IPA, and as I went to order a second, I realized that I had been brought a Notch Pilsner. It was all good. I’ve met very few beers that I haven’t liked.

The pilsner
The pilsner












Eight letters down, eighteen to go.



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