Skin Update


The skin on my face is finally back to normal. I had a WTF moment* when I was buying face lotion at Macy’s Clinique counter the other day, and I bought a tiny container of eye cream for $28.

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I am keeping track of how long it lasts. It might actually last six months or so; I don’t really use much for each application. I still have to figure out what to do about the rest of my face. I will check out Burt’s Bees…thanks for the tip, Melissa.

* WTF moment = a moment when I am in a retail establishment and I buy something I shouldn’t.

Defiance Update and Happy News


Well, instead of defying wrinkles, the “anti-wrinkle” cloths have defied all of the skin on my face. Will my skin ever be the same again? The “moisturizing cloths” sucked every bit of moisture FROM my face. It has been bumpy, itchy, and hot for three days now. Back to square one in the age defiance campaign.

I was distracted from itching my face for about 10 minutes this morning…while I read this article stating that a Wegmans is on the Massachusetts horizon. 2011 can’t come soon enough!



I bought my first “age defiance” product. Anti-wrinkle moisturizing cloths. How can a piece of cloth stop wrinkles from forming?

I ended up with these cockamamie cloths because it was the only product in CVS’s “age defiance” aisle under $20. I was overwhelmed by the number of lip-balm-size products for $20+. In a daze, I scanned the shelves for anything under $20. Lo and behold, the cloths.

I will try my best to feel defiant as I wipe my face with an anti-wrinkle cloth. Something tells me that will be a bit of a challenge.