It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

When I bought a ticket to a Weezer show at an outdoor venue a few months back, I thought to myself: May 19. It will be a nice spring evening at one of my favorite concert venues (Bank of American Pavilion). Sadly, I was mistaken. As I listened to the opening act last night, looking... Continue Reading →

Tina Fey Scared Me

I read an essay by Tina Fey in an old New Yorker the other day. She was talking about aging and trying to decide whether or not to have another kid. And she said: "Thirty-five turned into forty faster than McDonald's food turns into cold non-food." Crap.

Skin Update

  The skin on my face is finally back to normal. I had a WTF moment* when I was buying face lotion at Macy's Clinique counter the other day, and I bought a tiny container of eye cream for $28.                   I am keeping track of how... Continue Reading →

Defiance Update and Happy News

  Well, instead of defying wrinkles, the "anti-wrinkle" cloths have defied all of the skin on my face. Will my skin ever be the same again? The "moisturizing cloths" sucked every bit of moisture FROM my face. It has been bumpy, itchy, and hot for three days now. Back to square one in the age... Continue Reading →


  I bought my first "age defiance" product. Anti-wrinkle moisturizing cloths. How can a piece of cloth stop wrinkles from forming? I ended up with these cockamamie cloths because it was the only product in CVS's "age defiance" aisle under $20. I was overwhelmed by the number of lip-balm-size products for $20+. In a daze,... Continue Reading →

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