I bought my first “age defiance” product. Anti-wrinkle moisturizing cloths. How can a piece of cloth stop wrinkles from forming?

I ended up with these cockamamie cloths because it was the only product in CVS’s “age defiance” aisle under $20. I was overwhelmed by the number of lip-balm-size products for $20+. In a daze, I scanned the shelves for anything under $20. Lo and behold, the cloths.

I will try my best to feel defiant as I wipe my face with an anti-wrinkle cloth. Something tells me that will be a bit of a challenge.

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  1. have you checked out the burt’s bees radiance line? i just started using the radiance eye cream and i love it. they have face creams and serums too. i think everything in that line is under $20. their naturally ageless line is all $25 and under.

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