Guster’s sixth album came out the other day. As I walked out of Newbury Comics with it jostling around in my purse, I thought, “If my life were a soundtrack, Guster would be one of the major players in the Boston chapter.”

If my life were a soundtrack. What a great thing to ponder.


The childhood chapter consists mainly of TV show theme songs.

Muppet Show theme song

Reading Rainbow theme song

Fraggle Rock theme song

Leave It to Beaver theme song (watched way too many reruns)

Brady Bunch theme song (watched way too many reruns)

Michael Jackson’s Thriller


Yes, I fell under the spell of New Kids on the Block. Especially Joey. Especially when he sang “Please Don’t Go Girl.”

I discover R.E.M., starting with Out of Time.

I discover U2, starting with Achtung Baby.


More R.E.M.

More U2

Green Day, a lot of Green Day



Pearl Jam

Smashing Pumpkins


[There are a few “lost years” between the College and Boston chapters….]


More U2

More R.E.M.

Guster. For the first time, I am a groupie of a “hometown” band. Even though I had only lived in the hometown for six months when I first saw them.

Ray Lamontagne


White Stripes

Death Cab for Cutie

Elliott Smith


Those are the big ones off the top of my head. Of course, I could add more (sorry Chili Peppers) if I could make a deluxe box set.

I actually did make two “college soundtracks” after graduation. I will post the songlists another day. If anyone can guess one of the songs, I’ll buy you a PBR.

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