Afternoon Tea in Rockport

Being an Anglophile, I love having afternoon tea. I love the tea; I love the food; I love the pretty china and white tablecloths and serene ambiance. A friend and I took a day trip to Rockport, MA, the other day. Before our outing, I visited, as I always do before a trip. We... Continue Reading →

That French Feeling

A few friends and I met for brunch at a French café called Café Sauvage the other day. It was small but tastefully decorated, and it had the feeling of a European café because of its small round tables scrunched together, with groups of people sitting elbow to elbow, engaged in lively conversation. My friend... Continue Reading →

Troop 6000

I've been eating Girl Scout cookies for the past 40 years or so, so the cookies are definitely not new to me. I still remember the trauma from having to sell them door to door when I was a kid. As an introvert, the experience was kind of painful. But I got through it, year... Continue Reading →

Mindful Hydration

Don't ask me how I ended up with an $84 glass water bottle with crystals in the bottom, because I cannot tell you. I went down some kind of internet rabbit hole a few weeks ago and read about crystal-infused water. Then I found the company Vitajuwel and proceeded to buy the cheapest bottle, the... Continue Reading →

Nutty for Nut Milk

I've been trying to cut back on dairy and gluten "to be healthier." I don't have a lot of GI problems at the moment, but I always have a lot of inflammation in my body and fatigue. I'm not a big milk drinker, but I do use it in coffee and tea. I also went... Continue Reading →

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