Cheerios and Chardonnay

Returned from my western NY/Canadian adventure today. Will report on TIFF Celebrity Sightings 2010 soon. I have celebrity fever and am going to stalk the Fenway Park premiere of Ben Affleck’s new movie tomorrow night. What do you think of this as a book title: Cheerios and Chardonnay. That’s what I had for dinner the […]

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

And so begins a whole week of vacation. I don’ think I have ever taken a whole week off work, except for when I have gone to England with mum. I am visiting my family for a few days, and then spending the weekend at the Toronto film fest. This will be the third or […]

Falling into a Career

Last night I volunteered at an annual fundraiser for 826 Boston, a tutoring and writing center. One of the great things that the organization does is publish students’ writing every year. How thrilling for children and teenagers to see their writing in a real book! This year’s book launched at the event. Actually, two books […]

Oprah, Can I Have a Car?

Busy weekend at the Independent Film Festival, between volunteering and watching films. I saw four interesting documentaries. One was about Sasha Shulgin, a brilliant chemist who re-discovered the compound for the drug Ecstasy in the ’60s. He liked to experiment with psychedelic drugs, in a scientific sense. He thought that these types of drugs could […]

I Patted David Sedaris’s Hand

I patted David Sedaris’s hand tonight. It may have been a combination pat/pet…I can’t recall for sure. I am slightly mortified. Why did I do that! I saw him speak tonight. This is the fourth or fifth time I’ve been to one of his talks. He always signs books afterward, and the line is always […]