Dog Day Afternoon


I attended my first “yappy hour” yesterday. The Liberty Hotel invites people to bring their dogs to happy hour on Wednesdays in the summer. I went with my friend Rhea and her Llhasa apso, Sparky. It was amazing. There were probably around 50 dogs. ALL different breeds. Being a cat person, I felt like a bit of an outsider at first. But I soon felt like I was just visiting a friendly neighborhood tribe.

It was so fun and relaxing to sit with Sparky on my lap, drink a beer, and watch Great Danes, Huskies, Bull Dogs, Beagles, Chihuahuas, St. Bernards, you name it, walk around and play with each other and come say hi. Here’s a pic.









The icing on the cake was getting a glimpse of Ellen DeGeneres. She happened to be at the hotel for a party. The party room was connected to the patio we were on, so I got to see her on the stage in the room for a few minutes. Sweet.

Now, you must excuse me as I run off to get my much-needed Jonny Lee Miller fix. My mom discovered the TV series Eli Stone (2008–2009) on Netflix and I am O.B.S.E.S.S.E.D. I am eight episodes in. It’s streaming on Netflix…a dangerous thing. My mom finished the series within a few days. Watch it if you dare…

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