Scattered Moments in Time

  I'm a technology curmudgeon. I'm hanging on to my dumb phone for dear life. I buy CDs and books and think the e-book is the devil's plaything. I order physical DVDs from Netflix. I peruse Facebook a few times a week and that is the extent of my social media use. Another technological development... Continue Reading →

To Stream or Not to Stream

  There is no question. If I wish to remain a productive member of society, the answer is "not to stream." I'm talking about the big decision I have to make about my Netflix account by the end of the week. As other Netflix users know, Netflix is now splitting DVDs and streaming into two... Continue Reading →

Dog Day Afternoon

  I attended my first "yappy hour" yesterday. The Liberty Hotel invites people to bring their dogs to happy hour on Wednesdays in the summer. I went with my friend Rhea and her Llhasa apso, Sparky. It was amazing. There were probably around 50 dogs. ALL different breeds. Being a cat person, I felt like... Continue Reading →

My Significant Other Goes…

My Significant Other Goes "Movie Shipped: [insert movie title here]." Sorry Olive, I have a new SO named Netflix. I received Inglourious Basterds and watched it Friday. Put it in the mail on Saturday. Today I was told that I should receive La Dolce Vita tomorrow. And I watched Rudo y Cursi on my computer... Continue Reading →

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