I Felt His Voice Take the Sword out of My Hand

OMG, first of all: So glad that Downton is back. It will be the sole reason that I look forward to Sunday night over the next few months.








Second of all:

Courtesy of pastemagazine.com
Courtesy of pastemagazine.com








Watched Ben-Hur the other night = # 3 on the birthday list. I think this is the year that I finish AFI’s top 100 movie list. Ben-Hur is #72 on the list. I wasn’t sure how I would like this historical drama, but I was hooked pretty quickly. Boyhood friends turned enemies, an underdog facing seemingly insurmountable odds, an insane chariot race: it has a lot going for it. Next on the Netflix queue is Charlie Chaplin’s Gold Rush.


Scattered Moments in Time


I’m a technology curmudgeon. I’m hanging on to my dumb phone for dear life. I buy CDs and books and think the e-book is the devil’s plaything. I order physical DVDs from Netflix. I peruse Facebook a few times a week and that is the extent of my social media use.

Another technological development that vexes me now and then is the digital camera. Although I have embraced the digital camera for the most part, I do miss the excitement of taking a roll of film to a film processor, and having to wait for the results. It was always a thrill to pick up developed film rolls. Sometimes I wouldn’t remember what was on a roll. Maybe I would take 10 photos of my friend’s bat mitzvah, and then take some photos of the lilacs in my yard a few weeks later. And a few weeks after that, take photos of my friends studying for a test. By the time I finished the roll, I would have forgotten about the lilac photos.

So yes, the digital camera is great. You can immediately look at the photo you’ve taken, and take another if you’re not satisfied. The digital camera can hold hundreds (thousands?) of photographs at a time.


I can’t remember the last time I printed photos from a digital camera regularly. Maybe I never have? I have definitely printed out photos from big trips or events. But the everyday random photos? Who knows.

When I think of the hundreds of photos I have on my computer in random folders, and the four or five DVDs I have that are filled with hundreds of archived photos from online galleries, a wave of panic passes over me. Thousands of moments, scattered. Thousands of memories, now forgotten.

I found this article and learned that I was not alone in my panic.


This article has motivated me to tackle my scattered photos and organize them—maybe even print some out. To reclaim my moments and rekindle my memory. When was the last time you printed out a photo?

To Stream or Not to Stream


There is no question.

If I wish to remain a productive member of society, the answer is “not to stream.”

I’m talking about the big decision I have to make about my Netflix account by the end of the week. As other Netflix users know, Netflix is now splitting DVDs and streaming into two separate price categories, and the package deal will be about $6 more per month than the current price.

The main reason I will choose DVDs is that I want to be able to watch obscure, random movies (which are rarely streamed, at least today). But a close runner-up is: I cannot be trusted with streaming TV shows!

I recently finished the streaming TV show Eli Stone. I would sit down to watch one episode. Two hours later, I found myself sitting through the third one in a row. Then, the next day, I would be watching another episode.

Now, Mad Men is streaming! What timing. I have three days left to relive some Sterling Cooper insanity before it’s back to DVDs in the mail, which I greatly enjoy finding in my mailbox. (I do still miss video stores, though. Sigh.)

Dog Day Afternoon


I attended my first “yappy hour” yesterday. The Liberty Hotel invites people to bring their dogs to happy hour on Wednesdays in the summer. I went with my friend Rhea and her Llhasa apso, Sparky. It was amazing. There were probably around 50 dogs. ALL different breeds. Being a cat person, I felt like a bit of an outsider at first. But I soon felt like I was just visiting a friendly neighborhood tribe.

It was so fun and relaxing to sit with Sparky on my lap, drink a beer, and watch Great Danes, Huskies, Bull Dogs, Beagles, Chihuahuas, St. Bernards, you name it, walk around and play with each other and come say hi. Here’s a pic.









The icing on the cake was getting a glimpse of Ellen DeGeneres. She happened to be at the hotel for a party. The party room was connected to the patio we were on, so I got to see her on the stage in the room for a few minutes. Sweet.

Now, you must excuse me as I run off to get my much-needed Jonny Lee Miller fix. My mom discovered the TV series Eli Stone (2008–2009) on Netflix and I am O.B.S.E.S.S.E.D. I am eight episodes in. It’s streaming on Netflix…a dangerous thing. My mom finished the series within a few days. Watch it if you dare…

My Significant Other Goes…

My Significant Other Goes “Movie Shipped: [insert movie title here].” Sorry Olive, I have a new SO named Netflix. I received Inglourious Basterds and watched it Friday. Put it in the mail on Saturday. Today I was told that I should receive La Dolce Vita tomorrow. And I watched Rudo y Cursi on my computer instantly on Saturday. I am boggled by my new SO’s efficiency!

In other news, another item has been added to the birthday list. I am helping to judge a contest. I don’t think I’ve done that before. The Boston Public Library and 826 Boston are putting on a contest for kids. Kids will be invited to draw or write about their vision for what the year 3010 will be like. Whoa!

New episode of House tonight…I can barely stand it. If things don’t work out with Netflix for some unforeseen reason, I’m ringing up Hugh Laurie next!