I Felt His Voice Take the Sword out of My Hand

OMG, first of all: So glad that Downton is back. It will be the sole reason that I look forward to Sunday night over the next few months.








Second of all:

Courtesy of pastemagazine.com
Courtesy of pastemagazine.com








Watched Ben-Hur the other night = # 3 on the birthday list. I think this is the year that I finish AFI’s top 100 movie list. Ben-Hur is #72 on the list. I wasn’t sure how I would like this historical drama, but I was hooked pretty quickly. Boyhood friends turned enemies, an underdog facing seemingly insurmountable odds, an insane chariot race: it has a lot going for it. Next on the Netflix queue is Charlie Chaplin’s Gold Rush.


2 thoughts on “I Felt His Voice Take the Sword out of My Hand

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    1. Surprisingly, I’ve enjoyed most of them. I never thought I would enjoy Westerns or war films…but they usually had at least one redeeming quality, whether it be the cast or the cinematography.

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