Resolution and 11th Birthday List

I don’t think I’ve ever resolved a New Year’s resolution. But maybe this year will be different. I’m only making one [two-part] resolution: to be more mindful and/or to meditate more often. I need more peace and quiet and stillness in my life. I read this article today and said to myself, “Self, DO THIS.” I don’t know if mindfulness will be the answer for me or if it will be meditation. Maybe it will be a combination.

In other news, I joined Twitter today. I know, social media is the antithesis of peace and quiet. I joined it  for professional reasons; I need to learn more about social media in order to feel “relevant” in my field…even though I have no time for or interest in it. To make myself feel better, I put it on my brand-spankin’-new birthday list.

I also dyed my hair purple today and put it on the list. Alas, it turned black instead of purple, because I refused to bleach my hair beforehand. What is a girl to do. I love dyeing my hair, but I’ve dyed it so much over the years that I feel bad for it. Bleaching AND coloring it just seems like more than it can handle.

I dyed it fuchsia for my 30th birthday and it took; maybe my hair was lighter then. I dyed it blue the following year and it didn’t take. I’ve learned my lesson now. I wonder if my hair-color icon Katy Perry worries about her hair falling out?

Happy New Year to all and start sending in suggestions for this year’s list…


Purple Desire

Purple Desire


Black Reality



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. abby mumford
    Jan 06, 2015 @ 09:26:35

    you joined twitter?!? what’s your handle?

    also, can’t wait to see the purple/black reality. 😉


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