There is no question.

If I wish to remain a productive member of society, the answer is “not to stream.”

I’m talking about the big decision I have to make about my Netflix account by the end of the week. As other Netflix users know, Netflix is now splitting DVDs and streaming into two separate price categories, and the package deal will be about $6 more per month than the current price.

The main reason I will choose DVDs is that I want to be able to watch obscure, random movies (which are rarely streamed, at least today). But a close runner-up is: I cannot be trusted with streaming TV shows!

I recently finished the streaming TV show Eli Stone. I would sit down to watch one episode. Two hours later, I found myself sitting through the third one in a row. Then, the next day, I would be watching another episode.

Now, Mad Men is streaming! What timing. I have three days left to relive some Sterling Cooper insanity before it’s back to DVDs in the mail, which I greatly enjoy finding in my mailbox. (I do still miss video stores, though. Sigh.)