A Shoutout to My Sistas and Brothas

  Thank you to sistas Oprah and Octavia for being candid about their childfree status lately. In a recent interview in the Hollywood Reporter, Oprah talks about Gayle writing down future children’s names in 7th grade, while she was daydreaming about being Martin Luther King. When I read this, I thought “Yes!” Not that I […]

The Wild West and the 1980s

  I’ve closed out the ninth annual birthday list with a film about the Wild West and a meal at an ’80s-themed diner. The other night I watched Stagecoach (#63 in AFI’s Top 100 Movie List). I became cast under the spell of a fella named John Wayne. Where has he been all my life? […]

Royal Genealogy MindF**k

  I know I’ll be a decent genealogist when I can get the “cousins” thing figured out. I’ve had moments of clarity when I actually understood the difference between a second cousin and a first cousin once removed. But they were fleeting moments. So let me share with you the shock I felt when I […]

Believing in People

  I attended an award ceremony at Harvard the other night. Eddie Izzard was receiving a “lifetime achievement award in cultural humanism.” I hadn’t heard the term humanism before, but it turns out I’m a humanist! I’ve heard the terms atheist and agnostic…I have loosely considered myself agnostic. In my online dating profile, I say […]

Nail Art, Etc.

  I decided to try some nail art in the name of the birthday list. It’s kind of cool.                     Next time I might just do one nail on each hand? I started out doing every other finger but that looked odd. The pack came with […]