Chicken Salad and Nashville

  When I accomplish two birthday list items in one day, I feel super-duper productive. Yesterday, I ate lunch at Michael’s Deli for the first time. I’ve lived in Brookline for three years and hadn’t made it there yet. It gets rave reviews because the deli meat is shipped from NYC. The corned beef is […]

She’s Having a Baby

  It was announced today that Will and Kate are expecting a baby. The world is so excited that their website is down! Poor Kate is in hospital yakking her brains out. Feel better soon, Kate. I went to see my family over the weekend for a belated Thanksgiving. I put together my mom’s fake […]

Suspenseful Movies Pain Me

  I wouldn’t go as far as saying that suspenseful movies kill me, but they give me stress headaches. That’s why I don’t see them in movie theaters very often. I’m also a pain in the ass to sit next to. I make involuntary exclamations and involuntarily grab and hit people’s arms. It can’t be […]

Fall TV

  The only new TV show that has piqued my interest is Elementary. Mainly because I am obsessed with Jonny Lee Miller. I won’t be tempted to compare it to the recent Masterpiece version, because the characters’ backstories and the setting are completely different. I wonder how well it will work being set in New […]

Happy Birthday, Wills

  Happy Birthday, Prince William! Welcome to your 30s. Love, one of your many fans