The Wild West and the 1980s


I’ve closed out the ninth annual birthday list with a film about the Wild West and a meal at an ’80s-themed diner.

The other night I watched Stagecoach (#63 in AFI’s Top 100 Movie List). I became cast under the spell of a fella named John Wayne. Where has he been all my life? I figured that I had seen him in something or other before. But he made quite an impression on me in this film. I didn’t think I was into the Western genre of film, until I started watching the ones on the top 100 list. Turns out they are pretty damn good. Drama, adventure, romance. It’s all there in the Wild West.

Today I went to an ’80’s-themed diner called the Breakfast Club. I had driven by it multiple times over the years. I don’t know what took me so long, as I love diners and I love the ’80s. Well, it lived up to my expectations. Anya and I waited in line for a few minutes, but it moved pretty quickly. We grabbed a spot at the counter and took in all the mayhem that is a diner on a Saturday morning. The food was great and I felt like I was in the movie The Breakfast Club when this song came on over the speakers. In other words, it was heaven on earth.













Here’s the recap. Thanks to everyone who accompanied me on excursions. Now I have four months off until the next list begins…


1. Eat at Michael’s Deli                        January 5

2. Watch Nashville                               January 5

3. Apply nail art to my nails              January 13

4. See a concert at Portsmouth

Music Hall                                            January 19

5. Get DNA analyzed                         February 1

6. Use teeth whitening strips          February 3

7. Eat at Busy Bee Diner                  February 8

8. Read Why We Can’t Wait                February 10

9. Visit Chinese bakeries                   February 28

10. Attend a genealogy workshop      March 2

11. Become a member of NEHGS       March 2

12. Read Henderson the Rain King        March 3

13. Watch Birth of a Nation                   March 8

14. Eat char roe                                     March 10

15. Eat at Sandrine’s Bistro                  March 23

16. Watch A Clockwork Orange             March 24

17. Take pearl knotting class               March 26

18. Buy Sonny Rollins CD                     June 15

19. Visit South Berwick, ME                 June 22

20. Visit Prescott House                       June 29

21. Make lotion                                     June 29

22. Watch Best Years of

            Our Lives                                   June 29

23. Volunteer at a monastery            July 5

24. Try foot reflexology                       July 8

25. Read Appointment in Samarra     July 10

26. Buy left-handed knife                  July 11

27. Try Shandy Bass                           July 17

28. Eat dim sum                                  July 20

29. Visit Plymouth Rock                     July 27

30. Make pickled carrots                   July 29

31. Read Invisible Man                       July 30

32. Visit Lovells Island                       July 31

33. Have a Ward 8                             August 2

34. Watch poetry slam at Cantab       August 15

35. Visit FL Olmsted Site                      August 17

36. Visit Constitution Beach               August 22

37. Watch Stagecoach                          August 24

38. Eat at Breakfast Club                    August 31



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  1. The Breakfast Club diner is awesome! I will totally be going back. I liked that they had meals named after the characters from the movie, like “The Princess” (belgian waffles with whipped cream) and “The Jock” (egg-white omelette).

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