I watched Shane the other night (#45 in AFI’s top 100 movies list). It’s a western from 1953, and it features a lot of beautiful scenery and a lot of fightin’. The main conflict is between “homesteaders” who’ve built homes on the open prairie and greedy cattle owners who want all of the land for their cattle. Shane is a mysterious man who stumbles upon the Starrett homestead, and ends up staying and helping the homesteaders take a stand against the cattle owners.

The movie was very good, except for the character of the Starretts’ child. He was obsessed with Shane and would go on and on about him. He literally said, “I love Shane almost as much as Pa.” This is after Shane’s been there for maybe a few days. It was a little over the top, folks.

Overall though, it was a good classic western. Oh, and speaking of good films, I discovered the power pairing of Myrna Loy and William Powell recently! I saw The Thin Man at the Brattle and adored it. I was ecstatic when I researched these two and found that they starred in 14 films together. Their chemistry was magical, and I can’t wait to watch the other 13 films. Have you seen any of them?

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