What’s the Rush??

  In the past two days, I've witnessed the near-death experiences of two pedestrians. They walked blatantly in front of traffic. My fellow pedestrians: the red hand means don't go; the white walking man means go. What's the rush? I know we're in the city and we all have places to go. But can we... Continue Reading →

Foodie for a Weekend

  Mary and I went to visit our friend Carrie in Chicago over the weekend. I had only been to Chicago once before, for work. I love Chicago for its food and architecture. Love love love. Every meal we had was incredible (brunch, deep dish pizza, Mexican, burgers). We missed the daily tour of the... Continue Reading →

Park(ing) Day

  It's International Park(ing) Day. I saw three parks on my way to work this morning. Check the map on the website and see if there are any parks near you!

Lil Bro’s Visit

  This is my brother.                     He came to visit for the weekend and we had a blast. We toured the Harpoon Brewery; made our way through the crowds at Faneuil Hall; met up with Daisy, who happened to be in town; and saw the Blue... Continue Reading →

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