London Continued


One of the many reasons I wish I lived in London is that Londoners still read printed books and newspapers. These are MY PEOPLE.

London has at least eight major newspapers. So many people read newspapers and leave them on the Tube that the Mayor of London’s office posted this ad on the Tube:










I read in one of these newspapers that Foyles bookshop would be moving to a bigger space in the coming months. A bigger space, imagine! I didn’t see one e-book reader when riding the Tube. Just printed books, magazines, and newspapers. It felt like nirvana. Unfortunately I didn’t schedule any time for bookstore browsing, but we did pop into the lovely Waterstones Piccadilly to look for Paddington Bear books.

Now I am going to switch to another love: beer. Justin and I went on two pub walks, as I mentioned in the previous post. The last pub we visited on the first walk was the Punch Tavern. Our guide told us some impressive statistic that I’ve naturally forgotten. It was something along the lines of the Punch Tavern being rated in the Top 10 of London’s 7,000 pubs. Something outrageous like that.

We had been trying beers with interesting names all night long. I skimmed the names on taps eagerly and let out something between a squeal and a screech. I pointed to this tap:


The tap says Shipyard
The tap says Shipyard










(It was very dark in the pub.) The tap says “Shipyard.” Shipyard is a “local” brew…it’s brewed in Portland, Maine. I’ve toured the brewery a couple of times and buy it occasionally. It was the only American beer I saw on tap during our trip other than Coors Light (!). It was a proud moment.

One of the very few reasons I couldn’t live in London is that it’s ~3,500 miles away from Wegmans.

I received this postcard in the mail the other day:










Two weeks from tomorrow! Squee-reech!


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