Requiem for R.E.M.

I was a Casey Kasem top 40 kid in my early teens. I fully own my former obsession with New Kids on the Block. I was not alone, OK? And then a shift happened in 1991, when I discovered R.E.M. It's oddly fitting that R.E.M. is celebrating the 25th anniversary of Out of Time (the... Continue Reading →

Eighteen Years Later…

It was 1998. I had been working in London for six months through a work abroad program, and I had a few weeks left. I had read somewhere that the Academy of St Martin-in-the-Fields would be performing Mozart's Requiem. I could barely contain my excitement as I called the box office. It was a dream... Continue Reading →

My Fair Lady

My Fair Lady won eight Oscars in 1964 and placed #91 on the AFI's top 100 film list. I wanted to love it because I enjoy musicals and I like Audrey Hepburn. But I didn't love it. Although the acting was first rate, I found Eliza Doolittle's (Audrey Hepburn) Cockney accent offensive. I physically cringed... Continue Reading →

Adopting Customs

I was raised a tea drinker. Neither of my parents drank coffee at home, but my dad drank Lipton tea. Then I discovered coffee in high school, and it assisted me greatly in maintaining functionality during countless early mornings and late evenings throughout college. And then I went to England for a semester during my... Continue Reading →

Baby Animals and Lion Hugs

It's raining baby animals at the animal shelter where I volunteer and I can't stand it! I'll start with the most exciting baby animal:                   Yep, a baby guinea pig. Apparently called a pup. My brother and I had a guinea pig named Patches when we were... Continue Reading →

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