London Continued

  One of the many reasons I wish I lived in London is that Londoners still read printed books and newspapers. These are MY PEOPLE. London has at least eight major newspapers. So many people read newspapers and leave them on the Tube that the Mayor of London's office posted this ad on the Tube:... Continue Reading →

London 2014

  So, London. My mom and I had decided that it was high time that my brother, Justin, join us on one of our England adventures. The past few times she and I had been to England, we'd spent two days in London max and the rest of the time in the Lake District or... Continue Reading →

A Balmy Afternoon

  The definition of balmy, according to Merriam-Webster: a :  having the qualities of balm :  soothing b :  mild  <balmy weather> I wish it were b the other afternoon, but I settled for a. Mary and I made lip balm (#17 on the birthday list). It was easy-peasy because I ordered a kit online at... Continue Reading →

Birthday List: London Edition

In the nine years I've been completing a birthday list, I don't think I've ever visited England during the birthday list season of January–May. UNTIL THIS YEAR. This is a fast and easy—albeit incredibly expensive—way to knock off multiple items in six days. Is this cheating? I decided that it is definitely not cheating. This... Continue Reading →

My Lessons

I recently read a NY Times article titled "Lessons from Living in London." It was written by a former foreign correspondent for the Times who'd lived in London for almost 20 years. As I read, I found myself gasping in bewilderment and asking my computer: "Did we live in the same place?" This writer had... Continue Reading →

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