A Balmy Afternoon


The definition of balmy, according to Merriam-Webster:

a :  having the qualities of balm :  soothing

b :  mild  <balmy weather>

I wish it were b the other afternoon, but I settled for a.
Mary and I made lip balm (#17 on the birthday list). It was easy-peasy because I ordered a kit online at brambleberry.com. I’m working my way through all of its products: I’ve bought its perfume, lotion, and soap kits for previous birthday lists.
All we had to do was melt the lip balm “base” and then add color and flavoring.







Cute, huh?

Tomorrow night, I’ll be trying a new restaurant. Every March, Boston has a “restaurant week,” in which a number of restaurants offer special prix-fixe menus for a discounted price. This is one of two or three times a year that I treat myself to a three-course meal!

T minus five days until I’m on a jet plane to my first home away from home…

Courtesy of telegraph.co.uk
Courtesy of telegraph.co.uk

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