Baby Animals and Lion Hugs

It’s raining baby animals at the animal shelter where I volunteer and I can’t stand it! I’ll start with the most exciting baby animal:                   Yep, a baby guinea pig. Apparently called a pup. My brother and I had a guinea pig named Patches when we were […]

A Balmy Afternoon

  The definition of balmy, according to Merriam-Webster: a :  having the qualities of balm :  soothing b :  mild  <balmy weather> I wish it were b the other afternoon, but I settled for a. Mary and I made lip balm (#17 on the birthday list). It was easy-peasy because I ordered a kit online at […]

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

  I returned to the MSPCA to find kittens galore.                                           I also found degus, one of which who gnawed on my finger. I opened my mailbox today to find a job advertisement for the […]

State of Love and Trust

  I was at the adoption center this morning, and spent time with a couple of cats who got me thinking about the concepts of love and trust. Most cats enjoy being petted and lovingly scratched. But there are some who LOVE being petted and return the affection with such fervor and abandon. As I […]

Fisherman’s Feast

  I finally made it to the Fisherman’s Feast in Boston’s Italian neighborhood. I met Abby and Rachael around dinnertime and we took it all in. Even though I’m only 25% Italian, I always feel “at home” around Italian people. And of course, Italian is my favorite type of food. Abby and I decided to […]