Fisherman’s Feast


I finally made it to the Fisherman’s Feast in Boston’s Italian neighborhood. I met Abby and Rachael around dinnertime and we took it all in. Even though I’m only 25% Italian, I always feel “at home” around Italian people. And of course, Italian is my favorite type of food. Abby and I decided to try the “rice balls.” I had never had a rice ball. It weighed about 5 pounds. And felt like 10 pounds in my stomach. But it was SO GOOD.

Marching band in the street











We headed to a quiet side street for some dessert. I’ve decided I need to kidnap my mother so she can see some of Italy. She has England on the brain! A one-track mind when it comes to travel. I can’t really blame her though.

To cap off the lovely evening, I returned to my neighborhood to see the most stunning sunset.










It was breathtaking.












And lastly, in totally unrelated news. My new obsession is blind cats. I met my first blind cat yesterday at the MSPCA. She is a kitten and she is so affectionate and just plain amazing. If I lived in a bigger apartment, Olive would be welcoming this blind of bundle of love to our homestead. I had to learn more about blind cats, and found out about the famous blind cat Oskar and his friend Klaus.

There is a blind cat rescue in North Carolina. If I ever win the lottery, I will send this place a nice check. Unfortunately this will probably never happen as I play the lottery about once every four years…


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