Birthday List: London Edition

In the nine years I’ve been completing a birthday list, I don’t think I’ve ever visited England during the birthday list season of January–May.


This is a fast and easy—albeit incredibly expensive—way to knock off multiple items in six days. Is this cheating? I decided that it is definitely not cheating.

This is going to be an extra-super-wild-momentous trip because my brother is joining me and Mom for the first time. I am excited to see London through his eyes: eyes that have never been laid upon a European country.

Hell yeah!

So, since I am planning the trip, we’ll be visiting three museums I haven’t been to before: Natural History Museum, Sherlock Holmes Museum, and Twinings Tea Shop and Museum. Anndd we’ll be taking a day trip to a town I haven’t visited before. Anyone ever been to Winchester or St. Albans?

Five weeks to go until London 2014.

Having tea at Harrods during our last go-round in 2011
Having tea at Harrods during our last go-round in 2011








Oh, and hope all of the quirkyalones out there have a happy international quirkyalone day tomorrow. xo


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