Books and Cats

I've been wanting to visit Portland, Oregon, for years. I knew that I would love it, but it would be an expensive trip and I would have to take at least a week off from work. And I tend to take all of my big vacations in England, my second home. Well, the stars aligned... Continue Reading →

Another Senseless Tragedy

  I woke up on Christmas eve morning to the news of more senseless deaths at the hands of a crazy person with an assault weapon. About 10 miles from my hometown, an ex-convict set his house and car on fire to lure firefighters to the scene, in order to kill them. He killed a... Continue Reading →

National Punctuation Day

  It's National Punctuation Day! What is your favorite mark? Mine is the dash. It is much maligned, and I always root for the underdog. The's not a hyphen. Two hyphens doth not a dash make. ——————–— – – – – – – – –   I'm coming off a 48-hour involuntary Internet fast.... Continue Reading →

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