Another Senseless Tragedy


I woke up on Christmas eve morning to the news of more senseless deaths at the hands of a crazy person with an assault weapon. About 10 miles from my hometown, an ex-convict set his house and car on fire to lure firefighters to the scene, in order to kill them. He killed a 43 yo and a 19 yo. He also killed his sister, who he lived with, and then killed himself.

This man beat his grandmother to death with a hammer 30 years ago. And he was released from jail, so he could kill again. Just weeks ago, kindergarteners were killed. Now, volunteer firefighters??

If you’re interested in signing a petition for gun control, there is one here.

On a much lighter note, I’d like to share my brother’s Christmas tree topper.

















It’s a little dinosaur and I love it.

And on an editing note, I am highly disturbed that the new datebook I bought today was not proofed! I was entering some events in January and February and found that a chunk of pages is duplicated! I hope this is not a strange omen about the coming year.

Hope you all enjoy the last few days of 2012.

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