Troop 6000

I've been eating Girl Scout cookies for the past 40 years or so, so the cookies are definitely not new to me. I still remember the trauma from having to sell them door to door when I was a kid. As an introvert, the experience was kind of painful. But I got through it, year... Continue Reading →

A Royal Visit: Part 2

As luck would have it, my office building looks out onto the back of the Four Seasons, where Will and Kate were staying during their visit. Although I work remotely most of the time, my student employees and I had decided weeks earlier to work in the office on Friday, December 2—which was the day... Continue Reading →

A Royal Visit

The media called Prince William and Princess Kate’s recent visit to Boston “their Super Bowl moment.” It was their first visit to the US in 14 years, as well as their first overseas trip after Queen Elizabeth’s death. Well, their visit was my Super Bowl moment. No, staking them out at their hotel and awards... Continue Reading →

Joining the Litter Cleanup Crew

Litter is beyond annoying. It hurts wildlife and it's ugly to look at. I've been wanting to follow in writer David Sedaris's footsteps for a while...he picks up trash during his miles-long daily walks. He even had a garbage truck named after him in England. Well, I'm finally doing it. Once I am taking daily... Continue Reading →

Coffee Chronicles

I love coffee, but it doesn't enthusiastically agree with me anymore. It's temperamental at best, so I usually only drink it a couple of times per week. Since I only drink one cup at a time at home, I've been using an OXO pour-over coffeemaker, which works great for my needs. And now I have... Continue Reading →

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