Joining the Litter Cleanup Crew

Litter is beyond annoying. It hurts wildlife and it’s ugly to look at. I’ve been wanting to follow in writer David Sedaris’s footsteps for a while…he picks up trash during his miles-long daily walks. He even had a garbage truck named after him in England.

Well, I’m finally doing it. Once I am taking daily walks again (I’m still healing from a broken ankle last year), I will be an active member of the Keep MA Beautiful Litter Cleanup Crew. I found out about the crew from a recent email. I receive emails from multiple environmental organizations: Sierra Club, Nature Conservancy, City of Boston environment and energy department,…and Keep MA Beautiful. I usually skim the emails and don’t really digest the content. Unless something catches my eye.

When I read that, for a $10 donation to Keep MA Beautiful, I could receive a trash grabber, bag, gloves, and T-shirt, I excitedly signed up for its cleanup crew. I’ve pledged to keep my street clean. I never notice much litter on my street, but I’m sure there is some. I will definitely plalk throughout my neighborhood as well.

Do you plalk or plog or plike? Share your experience in the comments!

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