Feeling Hoppy

I’m checking off birthday list items at a glacial pace this year to match the glacial pace of my ankle healing. Since I’m still not very mobile, I’m kind of reduced to trying a lot of new food and drink.

So, hop water. I’d heard about it in passing and took the opportunity to buy some when I saw it offered through the ugly produce site I order from.

I tried the blood orange flavor of HOP WTR. If you’re not hip to hop water, it’s basically seltzer flavored with hops. It’s pretty tasty, if you’re a beer fan and/or a seltzer fan. HOP WTR has no calories, no sugar, and no carbs. It also has adaptogens and nootropics, which are allegedly good for you?

I have to drink seltzer in moderation (thanks, silent reflux), so this will be another drink that is relegated to “treat” status. Have you tried any of the hop waters on the market?

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