Healing Sounds

I recently decided that I needed to buy a Tibetan singing bowl. How did I come to that decision? Memory fails me. What I do know is that I'm always looking for ways to live in the present moment more often, quiet my monkey mind, and de-stress. So one day, I crossed a mysterious path... Continue Reading →

4K Minutes of Meditation

I surpassed 4K minutes of meditation on Headspace.com the other day. I don't remember when I started my meditation journey on Headspace; it has definitely been a few years. So this may not be too impressive of a number to some people, but I am celebrating it. Meditation has helped my mental and physical health... Continue Reading →

Winter of My Discontent

There goes the winter. I broke my ankle on Thanksgiving weekend. No exciting story. I was literally walking down a sidewalk when my ankle turned out and snap went my tibia. I don't need surgery, which I am thankful for. But the orthopedist said that it may take 10 weeks for it to heal. It... Continue Reading →

Adventures in Water

I have never enjoyed drinking plain water. I started drinking more water about six months ago when I bought this water bottle with an infuser. A hint of fruit in the water really helps me drink it more often. I tried two different types of water recently: maple and collagen. I assumed that I would... Continue Reading →

New Blanket

I've heard about weighted blankets for a while now and have occasionally wondered if they are worth the hype. If I bought one, would it help me sleep better? Does it really feel like a hug? Well, I bought one on a whim the other day. I got a "cooling" blanket, since it's still summer... Continue Reading →

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