Young Living

My mom was introduced to Young Living essential oils by her former massage therapist. The oils have helped her chronic stuffy nose/sinus problems (she uses a diffuser) and have also helped the circulation in her legs (she uses an oil in unscented lotion). I’ve been having unexplained pain in my abdomen, so I decided to […]

Need a Vacation

I’ve often wondered which lucky employees at nail polish companies get to name the colors. Essie’s are always fun: Need a Vacation Chinchilly Power Clutch Bikini So Teeny And OPI: Aphrodite’s Pink Nightie Amazon…Amazoff Desperately Seeking Sequins I Eat Mainely Lobster Nail polish is one of the few beauty products I use on a somewhat […]

A Better Ending

A few months ago, I was waiting for the subway and ad caught my eye. It was an invitation to free lectures as part of a “Harvard Mini-Med School.” I had never been to a free medical lecture before. Hence, an addition to the birthday list. All four of the lectures sounded interesting, but my […]

Be #StigmaFree

[Getting on my soapbox] I consider myself very lucky because I have never lost a family member or a close friend to a tragic circumstance such as an accident, crime, or suicide. So lucky. But in the past two weeks, two acquaintances have died by such tragic circumstances. My mind reels and my heart aches. […]

Good Genes

My first birthday list item of the new year is checked off. Last weekend, a friend and I saw Deepak Chopra give a lecture on his new book with Rudolph Tanzi, Super Genes. At times, I felt as if we were attending a college biology lecture, and I really wish I had taken notes. Deepak […]