Somebody Loves You

A few weeks ago, I volunteered for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention‘s national Overnight Walk for the second time. In solidarity with the walkers, I took the 12:00 to 6:30 am shift. I walked into a disorganized situation because of the weather. It had been raining for hours and it wasn’t about to stop. […]

Salt and a Sit-In

Hello! I’m a little behind with reporting on my birthday list. Last month, I went to a flotation therapy center called Bodymind Float Center in Rochester, New York. However, I didn’t float in a tank; I chose the more economical option of salt therapy. A friend of mine was game as well, so we sat […]

Saturday Afternoon Reading

It’s a punishingly cold day in Boston. I’m on my third cup of tea. A few articles that I found interesting follow. This is a spot-on reflection of the situation in Boston. This story about divers searching the Thames for 100-year-old metal type will delight any typeface/design nerd. And on a sad note: The teen […]

Meditation, Mindfulness, Mindful Meditation…

  I am the type of person who spends a good chunk of her time anywhere but in the present. I brood about the past and angst over my future. Is angst a verb? It is when it pertains to me, anyway. I rely on my volunteering and my arts patronage to transport me into […]

It’s Not Selfish

When I think about Robin Williams, and anyone who has committed suicide, I mourn because the world will be without their gifts, whatever they may be. But I also mourn the fact that they were in so much pain. And that they felt so hopeless and alone. And that they felt so trapped. I get […]