Toxic Ratios

I find myself dealing with a whirlpool of emails from “health experts”…I engaged with some doctor or other online and they sold my email address to a health expert. That health expert then introduced me to another health expert whose website I checked out, and so on and so forth.

That is how I ended up reading some emails from nutritionist Wendy Myers and paying for a hair mineral analysis. I’ve been cognizant of the presence of chemicals in food, products, EVERYTHING for years, so I was interested in learning how many chemicals and toxic minerals are in my body.

I sent in a hair sample and three or four weeks later, I received a PDF report with my results laid out in multiple graphs. I haven’t spent much time analyzing the results yet. Analysis will involve some math and some Google research of different minerals. I think the company purposely makes it a bit difficult for the layperson to figure out, because they want you to pay for a consultation.

All I’ve discerned so far is that my results in a graph labeled “toxic ratios” are off the graph. Great. I also now know that I have a high level of tin and low level of potassium in my body. Lots to figure out here, and I hope that some of the results will help me on my journey to better health. Have you ever done a hair mineral analysis?

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