Dry Brushing

I’m running out of time to finish my birthday list this year, so I’m focusing on visiting local businesses that I haven’t been to before. I’ve walked past Violet Skin Boutique countless times over the past 13 years. I couldn’t splurge on its signature treatment, facials, at the moment, but I was intrigued by a $45 dry brushing treatment that I saw listed on its website. The description of the treatment touted benefits such as exfoliation, improved circulation, and relaxation.

The boutique/spa was minimalist but welcoming. I appreciated the mood: purple-hued walls, artwork, and towels; lit candles, and peaceful music. My massage therapist was very nice and explained the treatment before she started. She used the brush, made of animal hair, in sweeping movements on my legs, arms, torso, and back, always in the direction of my heart. I immediately understood why pets love to be brushed and groomed. It’s so relaxing! I could not believe how soothing it was.

Afterward, I felt as sleepy as I usually do after an hour-long massage. Dry brushing is definitely something I will treat myself to every so often. Have you tried it?

Photo by SUN STUDIO CREATIVE on Unsplash

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