Far Out Ice Cream and New Blog…

Ice cream is one of my favorite foods. I’m the type of person who eats it in the wintertime (although not frequently). So I asked Allen to take me to a new ice cream shop in town the other day, because I needed a treat. Far Out serves a special style of ice cream from New Zealand: soft serve with fruit swirled in it.

You pick vanilla or chocolate as your base, and then you choose from eight different fruits. You can also choose toppings and freshly made waffle cones. There are coffee drinks and some bakery items on the menu as well.

I decided to try chocolate ice cream with raspberry for my inaugural cone. The consistency of the ice cream was perfect, creamy and thick. i was slightly disappointed that I didn’t taste more of the chocolate, but there were hints of it. The raspberries were quite tart…I wondered if they use a special type of raspberry?! I still enjoyed it, but I was expecting a sweet taste. The waffle cone was yummy and obviously very fresh.

Allen ordered a decaf iced coffee. They had run out, so they gave him a free decaf Americano = good customer service. Next on my list is chocolate ice cream with banana!


Shameless plug warning…I wanted to plug my new blog, which I created for a class that I’m taking. If you’re interested in motivational quotes and/or women’s history, check out Quoteworthy Women. It’s also on Pinterest and Instagram. Many thanks. 🙂

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