Tapping for Ukraine

Have you heard of the Maharishi Effect? Have you heard of tapping aka Emotional Freedom Technique?

The quick and dirty versions = Maharishi Effect is based on the belief that individual consciousness is connected to collective consciousness, and some controversial research has shown that small groups of people who meditate together can cause rates of community violence to decrease.

Tapping is a technique based on acupuncture, during which you tap certain points on your body. You also couple it with positive affirmations as you tap along. This technique helps with both your mental and physical health.

A therapist told me about tapping years ago. I tried it with her a few times and didn’t notice a difference. So I never pursued it. Fast forward to some future time in my wellness journey, when I added myself to an email list for some siblings who are spreading the tapping word. Last week, I received an email about a free annual online tapping summit, so I popped in the other day to check out some sessions. A “Tapping for Ukraine” section caught my eye, and I read about the Maharishi Effect. I have been so distraught about Ukraine that I thought, well, some tapping might help me, and if there’s a chance it might help Ukraine, sign me up.

I did the 14-minute tapping meditation, and I did feel better afterward. I felt calmer. I’m planning to do the meditation a few more times in the coming days. Speaking of meditation, I just hit 90 days in a row with Headspace. That feels amazing. Even though I only manage a few minutes per day some days, it’s really made a difference. If you meditate, which sites do you use/types do you practice?

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