Cosmetics That Kill


Well, maybe that’s melodramatic of me to say. But cosmetics might be killing us softly, on top of pesticides, toxic cleaning products, hormones in our meat, etc., etc.

Environmental Working Group has some handy guides to help us avoid the most toxic sh*t out there. When I checked the cosmetics database, I found that the Cover Girl lip gloss I’ve been using for years is pretty toxic. Buh-bye, Cover Girl!

So now I’m looking at ingredient lists of personal care products as well as food products. Consumers have power…spend the extra money on natural products. Your health is worth it!

Links to the Present and Past


One of my neighbors moved out of state last week and gave me her mini dishwasher. She fondly called it her “link to modern living.” I haven’t lived in a home with a dishwasher in at least 13 years. I am thrilled but also a tad frightened that I will inadvertently flood my kitchen. I have to hook it up to my kitchen faucet somehow. Pray for me.

I picked up another link to modern living at CVS the other day: teeth whitening strips. I am a little scared of this as well. And a bit skeptical. Does everyone use these? Do they work? I’ll report back on the experiment.

And in “link to the past” news, I received my DNA results. I’m 82% Central European?! When I received this news, you could have pushed me over with a feather. Well, all of my Great Britain ancestors must have migrated from Central Europe. And remember how I prided myself on being 25% Italian? Well. Turns out I’m only 11% “Southern European” (Italy, Spain, and Portugal). And 7% of my ethnicity is uncertain.

Using my DNA sample, matched me up with other site members who could be my 4th to 8th cousins. I can’t even begin to comprehend that. OK, I just looked it up. My 4th cousin and I share great-great-great grandparents. Uh….I’ll need to map that out.



Shred Fest


I went through my paper files last night, as I do at the end of every year. I looked at my pile of utility bills from the year and wondered if I needed to keep them. I hopped online and searched “how long does one need to keep utility bills.” I looked at a few sites, just to compare their answers. I trusted this CNN page more than the answer.coms and wiki sites.

Great, I could shred those utility bills! And wait, I guess I didn’t need my bank statements from 2006…and I could shred all of my credit card statements, too. My little baby shredder is going to be on fire today! I hope not literally; that dang thing gets hot.

Happy shredding! And a happy new year to all. I came across this site today and thought it would serve as a good resource for starting off a new year…

Procrastinating on a Sunday Night


All weekend I have told myself that I need to clean out my storage closet. But I keep avoiding it. My latest procrastinating measure: cleaning out my pen and pencil collection.

Yes, I’m getting pre-tty desperate.

But I do have quite a collection. I sometimes buy pens and pencils as souvenirs because they are a) small and b) cheap. I have an array from England, as you can imagine (London Transport pens, Windsor Castle pencil, Queen Elizabeth pen, Keswick Pencil Museum pencil). The oldest item is the twig pencil. The twig pencil has been with me since high school. I keep it because I have fond memories of making outfits for it during lunch periods, out of straw wrappers and god knows what else.

Twig pencil circa 1990s










I have a pretty Valentine’s Day pen that I bought while working at Borders. I just discovered it doesn’t work anymore. Boo!

Valentine's Day pen, retired 2011










The most mysterious item is the cigar pen. I think I may have received it as a gift, but I don’t remember from who. Or why. I did have a cigar phase…?











Lastly, the item that made me laugh the most: At the bottom of my pen and pencil jar, I found…an IKEA pencil. I’ll have to try to remember to bring it with me the next time I go to IKEA.

What else I can organize instead of my storage closet….