Procrastinating on a Sunday Night


All weekend I have told myself that I need to clean out my storage closet. But I keep avoiding it. My latest procrastinating measure: cleaning out my pen and pencil collection.

Yes, I’m getting pre-tty desperate.

But I do have quite a collection. I sometimes buy pens and pencils as souvenirs because they are a) small and b) cheap. I have an array from England, as you can imagine (London Transport pens, Windsor Castle pencil, Queen Elizabeth pen, Keswick Pencil Museum pencil). The oldest item is the twig pencil. The twig pencil has been with me since high school. I keep it because I have fond memories of making outfits for it during lunch periods, out of straw wrappers and god knows what else.

Twig pencil circa 1990s










I have a pretty Valentine’s Day pen that I bought while working at Borders. I just discovered it doesn’t work anymore. Boo!

Valentine's Day pen, retired 2011










The most mysterious item is the cigar pen. I think I may have received it as a gift, but I don’t remember from who. Or why. I did have a cigar phase…?











Lastly, the item that made me laugh the most: At the bottom of my pen and pencil jar, I found…an IKEA pencil. I’ll have to try to remember to bring it with me the next time I go to IKEA.

What else I can organize instead of my storage closet….

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