Not Much to Peep at

  Mom and I went leaf peeping in the Berkshires and Vermont. Wasn’t much to peep at. There were some colors, but they were muted. No vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows to be seen. It was still fun to do some exploring. We saw a nice collection of master paintings at the Clark Institute. We […]

It’s Fall

  It’s fall…I’ve accepted that it’s fall, albeit a few weeks late. This weekend, I brought out my sweaters and baked pumpkin muffins.                   I’ve been baking these muffins for about 20 years. I received a muffin recipe book when I was a teen—maybe for my birthday, […]

Foodie for a Weekend

  Mary and I went to visit our friend Carrie in Chicago over the weekend. I had only been to Chicago once before, for work. I love Chicago for its food and architecture. Love love love. Every meal we had was incredible (brunch, deep dish pizza, Mexican, burgers). We missed the daily tour of the […]

A Peapod Christmas

  Every time Peapod arrives at my door, it feels like Christmas. Mainly because so many items come in their own bags. It oddly feels like unwrapping presents. What’s this small cylindrical item? Oh, the Off! spray I ordered. What’s this cold, hard rectangle? Oh, the cheese I ordered. These presents make me feel guilty […]

Fisherman’s Feast

  I finally made it to the Fisherman’s Feast in Boston’s Italian neighborhood. I met Abby and Rachael around dinnertime and we took it all in. Even though I’m only 25% Italian, I always feel “at home” around Italian people. And of course, Italian is my favorite type of food. Abby and I decided to […]