Chicken Salad and Nashville

  When I accomplish two birthday list items in one day, I feel super-duper productive. Yesterday, I ate lunch at Michael’s Deli for the first time. I’ve lived in Brookline for three years and hadn’t made it there yet. It gets rave reviews because the deli meat is shipped from NYC. The corned beef is […]

Farewell, Hostess

  Twinkie, I hardly knew ye. But I was very well acquainted with your brethren Sno Ball and CupCake. And Fruit Pie. I hope I can find a pack of Sno Balls somewhere tomorrow.  

Need Ideas for the Weekend?

  If you live in Boston and like books, you should attend the Boston Book Festival. If you live in Boston and like vegetarian food, you should attend the Boston Vegetarian Food Festival.

Not Much to Peep at

  Mom and I went leaf peeping in the Berkshires and Vermont. Wasn’t much to peep at. There were some colors, but they were muted. No vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows to be seen. It was still fun to do some exploring. We saw a nice collection of master paintings at the Clark Institute. We […]

It’s Fall

  It’s fall…I’ve accepted that it’s fall, albeit a few weeks late. This weekend, I brought out my sweaters and baked pumpkin muffins.                   I’ve been baking these muffins for about 20 years. I received a muffin recipe book when I was a teen—maybe for my birthday, […]