To: Bathroom

One of my volunteer gigs, Prison Book Program, is located in a church basement. Every time I use the loo, I smile. Because of this:                 I love that a kid drew a picture and addressed it to “Bathroom.” That is all.    

No Man Should Have Power Like This

  I know I’ve already posted about the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter, but I’m so excited about it, I’m posting about it again. There are now more than 75,000 backers and the total is up to $3.5M. If you love reading, if you love supporting literacy, if you love LeVar Burton, if you love Reading Rainbow, […]

The Hellfire That Is “Romantic Jail”

  I’ve been online dating off and on for about eight years now. I came across this article by Katie Heaney the other day and found it terribly funny and terribly depressing. I’d like to add a 7th category of message, under which most of the messages I receive fall. I would call it something […]

Out of Balance

  I’ve been bad about balancing my checkbook lately. Am I alone or do others fall behind, too? Filling out line items for the entire previous month seemed daunting, which led me to do one quick computation and write the following in my checkbook (second line):                   […]

Genie Breakthrough

  At work this morning, I overheard three men, on separate occasions, being asked if they watched the Super Bowl. As each one replied “No,” I thought to myself, “These are my people.” A place in which men don’t even watch sports! So, I had a genie breakthrough yesterday. I am still feeling the aftereffects […]