Funny Photo

  This photo brings tears to my eyes because I find it so funny:                     Hank the cat ran for a Senate seat in Virginia. Check out his Facebook page and website. The merchandise for sale on the website is sweet. And the proceeds are given […]

Some Humor for Election Night

  I don’t read The Onion enough. Check out all of the election stories…it’s a GOLDMINE. A great way to pass the time as we wait for all of the polls to close. As someone who cares about the environment, I liked this one.

Happiest Olympics Worker

  Hope everyone has been enjoying the Olympics so far…I read about this viral video featuring an Olympics worker trying to pump up the crowd outside of a venue. It is hilarious. There’s nothing like British humour…

The Trifecta

  The trifecta of men who get me through the workday:                         Prince Will, Jon Hamm, and Mr. Rogers        

Old Friends

  My mom is cleaning out her basement, so when I was visiting at Thanksgiving, she had me look through some boxes she is storing for me. And lo and behold, I found a box of my old friends: my Dancing Hamsters. Dancing Hamsters were a genius invention that were on the scene in 2002 […]