A Key to the Unknown

  As I was shuffling through my set of keys to find my mailbox key tonight, I noticed a particularly shiny silver key. I stared at it and thought, “I have no idea what this is a key to.” I wonder if I will ever remember. Has this ever happened to anyone else?


  I got a bad stomachache after eating some potato salad the other night. It was either because I ate too much of it, or the stuff had gone bad. I was reminded of this Far Side cartoon…one of Daisy’s favorites, I believe.

A Pep Talk in Every Drop

You can find inspiration in surprising places. For example, the wrapper of a Vitamin C drop. I felt a cold coming on last night, so I started consuming large quantities of Vitamin C drops. I just noticed that the wrappers have pep talk phrases on them. My favorite one so far is “Hi-five yourself.” “Buckle […]

Smart Woman

Alec Baldwin’s mother is a smart woman. In a Late Show with David Letterman appearance a few months ago, Alec said that his mom will not move to California from upstate New York because she doesn’t want to leave her Wegmans. Voila, a few months later…Alec and his mom star in two Wegmans commercials.

Barbara Millicent Roberts

  I just spent almost three hours online trying to find some African American dolls for my cheeto-lovin’ youngster who wanted “a lot of dolls.” I ended up buying a cute African American Barbie and Steven. I was looking everywhere, Target, Amazon, Mattel, Toys r Us, Kmart…and trying to decide: should I get her a […]