When You Need a Laugh…

I recently found out about this website.

Oh. My. God. It is a site all about what people believed when they were children. When I started to think about what some of my childhood beliefs were, the first one that came to mind was that I used to think there was a witch in my closet at night. I always needed to shut my closet doors so she couldn’t escape.

There are 13 pages worth of beliefs about “what was in the closet.” Amazing! You must check out this site.


As I was getting ready for work this morning, I pondered whether to call myself an “old maid” or a “spinster.” I like the word spinster better, but I feel like it has a more negative connotation than old maid. I think of an old maid as a frumpy woman, possibly happy with her station in life. I think of a spinster as a bitter woman with a chip on her shoulder. (“That decrepit old spinsta” [said in a British accent if you will].)

Fast forward a few hours…and I am at work having a laugh-out-loud moment. I had to look up something in the dictionary. My eye fell on the first word on the page: dateless. I am chronically dateless!, I thought to myself. I skimmed over the different definitions, and when I reached the last one, I laughed and almost fell off my chair.

Definition 4: “still good or interesting though old.” Does that sound like me? I’m still interesting even though I am an old maid??? HA.